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Well that’s another venue under our belt now. Wednesday night’s gig at the Hard Rock Café, Glasgow was again, another cracker!

However, our enjoyment last night started way before we took to the stage. It turns out those who play at the Hard Rock Café get a free meal before the gig. Result!

So once we’d stuffed our faces we headed up the winding stairs to the part of the venue where we’d be taking to the stage a little later on.

We were in great company too. On the bill with us was Common Ground, who kicked things off, and the Holy Pistol Club who ended the night. So playing between them both it was up to us to produce a meaty filling to this rock sandwich.

After we’d digested both our lovely dinner and the great set the Common Ground boys played, it was time for us to do our thing.

HRC InstaTaking to the stage at around 9pm, we kicked things off with a cover of The Quarrymen’s, ‘In Spite of all the Danger’.

We kept things nice and up-tempo for a few songs before slowing it down to play ‘I Go Crazy’ and ‘Knots & Crosses’, giving everyone a chance to catch their breath again.

It also gave Jordan a chance to recharge his batteries as he was, as usual, showing off his dance moves, moves that even caught the eye of the Hard Rock Café itself!

We finished with the title track from our EP, which you can buy now (shameless plug), ‘Eggs For Breakfast’.

It was a great way to end an amazing gig. Not even a malfunction with Ross’ drums could dampen the atmosphere (a leg came loose on his bass drum which was promptly fixed by our singer come handyman, Jordan).

We loved every minute of playing at the Hard Rock Café and a big thank you has to go to them for having us. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many gigs we play there!

As we mentioned earlier, our debut EP is out now, either to download or buy on CD. You can purchase it online via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and can be streamed on Spotify. However if you’re looking for the physical copy just click here.

To find out more about Soldier On as well as see a list of our upcoming gigs, just head to our website or catch us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also book us by dropping an email to

Soldier On.

Hard Rock Café Setlist:

- In Spite of all the Danger
- Narcolepsy
- The Dirty Swan
- Keepin’ On Feelin’
- Velvet
- I Go Crazy
- Knots & Crosses
- Rhona
- Eggs For Breakfast

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