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What a way to kick off the New Year! On Friday we played our first gig of 2014 in easily one of our favourite venues, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut.

Playing alongside The Virginia Dons, Lemonhaze, and The Begbies, we’d been booked to help launch this year’s New Year’s Revolution – an annual event held at King Tut’s.

As soon as we’d heard of the booking we were excited. The New Year’s Revolution nights are well-known for being full of acts dubbed as the ones to watch for the coming year. So being booked for it was pretty cool!

Playing Tut’s is beginning to become a bit of a habit of ours, not that we’re complaining, but that’s the third time we’ve played the venue in under a year so we must be doing something right!

It was good being on the bill with the other lads too. Like we always say, we like getting to hear the other bands who’re playing on the night, plus this time we got to catch up with our pals, The Begbies which is always fun!

Despite a late change to the order of play which saw us second on stage instead of third, we were ready, and so were the Soldier On faithful!

To show all those gathered in front of the stage that we meant business, we kicked things off with Keepin’ on Feeling, starting as we meant to continue.

As is the norm with our shows Jordan was dancing about like a maniac, but a graceful maniac, and Liam paraded yet another of his sexual scarves.

After throwing in a few of our big tracks it was time for a surprise. Just after Knots & Crosses we played Get It On by T-Rex which was f*cking amazing! The atmosphere felt electric!

Finally we signed off with Eggs for Breakfast, another of our signature tracks which we never get tired of performing.

In all, it was a top night. We had a sh*t-hot night and we think the crowd did too. Lovely.

It was a great foundation for us to build on for the rest of the year which is sure to be a big’n for us, and as always a big thank you to everyone who came and showed us support.

Remember to keep in touch with us for updates on future gigs through our website, Facebook and Twitter. Also, follow us on Instagram too, to see what kinda stuff we get up to.

Soldier On.

King Tut’s Setlist:

Keepin’ On Feeling
The Dirty Swan
I Go Crazy
Knots & Crosses
Get It On (T-Rex Cover)
Eggs for Breakfast

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