Farewell To 2014 As Soldier On Plays Last Gig Of The Year

Blog » Farewell To 2014 As Soldier On Plays Last Gig Of The Year


If you’ve recently stopped by our website and social media platforms you’ll have seen that last week we announced we’re playing the Clubhouse, Irvine, this coming Friday.

You may also have noticed this will be our last gig for a while so it’s certainly not one you want to miss.

Some of you may be reading this and wondering why we’re stopping performing for now. Well, we’re pleased to say that the reason we’re taking time off the road is so we can all get back into the recording studio to work on some new material to bring you early next year. But until Saturday, all our focus is on making our last gig of 2014 one to remember.

Those who’ve been in the Clubhouse before know it’s a great venue. We’ve played there a few times this year, and you may also remember it’s also where we held our EP launch night. So it seems fitting that this is where we wrap things up for a while.

And as a big thank you to you all for coming and supporting us throughout the year, this is a FREE gig.

What more could you ask for?! A free gig on a Friday night, good music (even if we do say so ourselves), a good selection of drinks behind the bar, and great company. It’s set to be the perfect night.

We understand, however, that not everyone will be able to make it along on Friday. So for those of you who can’t make it, head to our YouTube Channel to get your fill of Soldier On. There, you’ll be able to watch videos of live performances as well as our very first music video for Eggs For Breakfast. Even if you are coming to the Clubhouse, head to our channel anyway, you know it makes sense!

And if you’re looking for some music to listen to, our EP is still available to download and stream, as well as purchase as a physical copy; just click here.

To find out more about Soldier On as well as see a list of our upcoming gigs, just head to our website or catch us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also book us by dropping an email to info@wearesoldieron.com.

Where: The Clubhouse, Irvine.
When: Friday 7 November, 9pm.
Price: Free.
Over 18s only.

Soldier On.

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